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The SPFH competition recognizes students who have made outstanding contributions to projects that successfully promote community health and well-being. Launched in 2015, the competition is now supported by ECFMG, FAIMER, TUFH and, SNO as part of the annual conference of The Network: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH). It is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in any course of study who have been participating in such projects. Winners receive sponsorship to attend the conference. Sponsorship includes air travel, hostel accommodation, and conference registration fee; sponsored by ECFMG FAIMER.

The winners will:

  • Write about their project in the TUFH Online Community
  • Write a blog every 2 months about the project for 1 year in the TUFH Online Community
  • Will present their project during an Oral Presentation Session at TUFH 2020 using a poster for visual effect (5 minutes)
  • Receive their award at the ECFMG/FAIMER Cocktail Reception at TUFH 2020
  • Provide feedback for 3 years on the project (as follow up)

Applicants will need to provide the following information:

  • SNO Membership certificate
  • Copy of student ID
  • Profile picture
  • Picture of the project
  • A 1-minute video with pictures and/or video from the project (you must provide URL to view)
  • Letter of recommendation from the academic supervisor of the project/professor/the dean
  • Motivation Letter: Why should you receive this award?, What makes you stand out from other health sciences students?, How does your project impact your community?

Applicants will be judged on the degree of applicant’s participation and the student’s contribution to project innovation/sustainability/measurement/diffusion.

As part of the Student Projects For Health award, you are fully sponsored to attend and present your project at The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH) 2020 annual conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Full sponsorship includes fully paid registration fee, hostel accommodation, and economy travel. You agree to abide by all local laws of the country and the terms of your Visa to Mexico. 

ECFMG/FAIMER/TUFH/SNO will be issuing press releases, so we ask winners to please not promote or announce the fact that they have won until we have done so. The winners can share the official announcements as they see fit.

Please write to for more information about this opportunity or if you have any questions regarding this application.


The deadline was
February 15, 2020.
Winners will be announced March 1st 2020.

Benefits of the SPFH: 

  • Open to all SNO students from different health professions and degrees
  • Promotion of student participation in community-oriented projects
  • Innovation, impact, and sustainability of the project are key criteria 
  • Opportunity to present research alongside peers during the conference
  • Feedback about the project comes from students and staff alike 
  • Networking opportunities with fellow winners and other conference attendees
  • Return economy flight to Mexico City
  • Full hostel accommodation during the TUFH 2020 Conference
  • TUFH 2020 registration fee

Type of Projects:

  • Linked to our 4 pillars
      • Population Health
      • Social Accountability
      • Community Based to Engage and Serve Remote and Rural Health, Indigenous, Refugees, Women and Elderly Populations
      • Interprofessional Practice and Team Based Care
  • Local action
  • You as a student have made a contribution
  • Project must have been in place for minimum 18 months

Who qualifies?

  • Students in health professional training or related fields. 
  • SNO member with membership certificate (become SNO member here)
  • Currently enrolled students with a valid student ID
  • Must have permission to attend TUFH 2020 from your university
  • Past winners will not be considered for SPFH.






Application Closed