TUFH 2020 Workshops

The Network: TUFH and UNAM are proud to present the 10 Workshops at the VIRTUAL TUFH 2020.

The full abstracts of these workshops are available, click on the abstract number.


Abstract  Abstract Title Authors Program
TUFH140 Developing Peer Assessment Tools for Team-Based Health Interprofessional Education Widyandana Widyandana, Gandes Retno Rahayu 23.09.2020                   2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH257 Compact 30-30-30 for Primary Care: Applying PAHO’s Strategy on Human Resources in Health For Universal Health Care in Latin America and the Caribbean  Laura Parajon, George Dantas, Larisa Carrera, Michael Glasser, Jose Francisco Garcia Gutierrez 23.09.2020     
2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH221 Implementing Social Accountability in Medical School: Lessons for leadership in your school  Bob Woollard, Erin Walling, Eric Lachance, Kira Koepke, Lisa Yeo 23.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC
TUFH154 “How Can We Keep the Rural Workforce We Have?”: A Workshop on Rural Workforce Retention  Roger Strasser, Chhabra Shakuntala, Jillian Landeck, Billy O’Connel 23.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC
TUFH241 Primary Care and Health For All: Training Physicians for Social Accountability in New Mexico Danielle Fitzsimmons-Pattison, Arthur Kaufman, Laura Parajon, John Andazola, Mary Alice Scott 24.09.2020      
2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH250 Rural Health for Peace in Colombia Francisco Lamus,Roger Strasser,Arnoldo Barbosa,Ingvill Konradsen,Rosa Durán,Torsten Risør 24.09.2020      
2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH125 To Address Social Determinants, University of New Mexico goes Inter-Sectoral on Campus Arthur Kaufman, Joaquin Baca, Venice Ceballos, Francisco Ronquillo 24.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC
TUFH5 Pandemics and Primary Health Care Juan Pablo Gutiérrez Reyes, Yassein Kamal, Alejandro Avelino, Jose Francisco Garcia Gutierrez 24.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC
TUFH104 The SNO Student Exchange Program: How to update your curriculum to train interprofessional education?  Tony  Claeys 25.09.2020      
2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH94 Indigenous Healing & Seeking Safety (IHSS) a Trauma Informed Training Workshop  Teresa Marsh, David Marsh 25.09.2020                    2 – 4 PM UTC
TUFH57 Student engagement in your school’s social accountability transformation Nikolai Nunes, Toni-Ann Mundle, Cianna Lunan, Maria Jackson, Tomlin Paul 25.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC
TUFH541 Gender, Social Justice, and Indigenous Health Knowledges: an integrated vision of healing during COVID-19 Farah Shroff and Bob Woollard 25.09.2020                   5.30 – 7.30 PM UTC